2.25L HarvestLine System JS-5.0 Rotor Labware Kit, 2.25L - 1Pk

Product No:368732

2.25L HarvestLine system liners fit JS-5.0 rotor with J-wide cups (part number 367820). 

The built-in spout on the cup cover allows loading of samples by pouring though tubing or a pipette. It also allows for easy decanting. A removable plug covers the spout during centrifugation. The replaceable air-vent filter allows passage of air, while preventing the passage of liquids and aerosols. 

Kit Includes:

$3,080.30 List Price - $3,080.30

Product Specifications

Application Uses Bacterial cell pelleting, Clarification of tissue homogenates
Nominal Size 2.25 L
Sterile No
Environmental Conditions Preferred storage environment is ambient
Rotor Product Line JS5.0
Rotor Compatibility Compatible with the JS-5.0 high-performance rotor. Use as liner for JS-5.0 J-Wide Cups.
Package Quantity 1

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