FlowerPlate MTP, pH/DO type 3 (pH51/RF)

Product No:M2P-MTP-48-BOH3

The FlowerPlate microtiter plate is a 48-well MTP in standard ANSI/SLAS (SBS) format. Its flower-shaped wells resemble baffles in shake flasks and facilitate high gas transfer into the liquid phase.

This FlowerPlate MTP has two optical sensors (optodes) per cultivation well, i.e. the pH51 optode for measuring the pH value and the RF optode for measuring the DO.

The following bioprocess parameters can be read out online by the BioLector microbioreactor:
• Biomass

• pH
• Dissolved oxygen (DO)
• Fluorescence

This MTP is compatible with:
BioLector II, BioLector Pro and BioLector XT microbioreactors

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