Echo® Qualified Reservoir, 2x3 Well, Polypropylene Microplate, Surface Treated with Amine Coating

Product No:001-11101

The Echo® Qualified Reservoir is designed to enable convenient and affordable large volume transfers on the Echo® 525 Liquid Handling System. Its 6-well design enables the transfer of over 15 mL from a single reservoir plate. This reservoir's low dead volume enables efficient dispensing of costly and precious reagents and samples. The working volume for each of the six wells is over 2.5 mL and the dead volume (less than 10% of the maximum working volume) is recoverable. Echo® Qualified Reservoir is compatible with a broad variety of aqueous solutions. The welded lid minimizes evaporation and prevents cross-contamination and splashing when centrifuged or handled. Enables Sample Transfers with Minimal Dead Volume An Echo 525 Liquid Handler source plate designed to enable convenient assay assembly and efficient large reagent volume transfers. The Reservoir enables scientists performing genomic, proteomic and cell-based assays to dispense costly and precious reagents and samples with minimal dead volume.

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