B99143, 763/43 nm Bandpass Filter

Product No:B99143

763/43 nm Bandpass Filter mounted for use in the CytoFLEX, CytoFLEX S, and CytoFLEX LX Wavelength Division Multiplexer (WDM).  The filter holder allows the bandpass to be repositioned to meet experimental requirements. The 763/43 nm Bandpass Filter is supplied as a standard filter in models that contain an IR WDM CytoFLEX configurations. This filter is useful for detecting Alexa Fluor 750-allophycocyanin (APC), APC- eFluor™ 780, APC-Cy7, APC-H7, Brilliant Violet 785, DRAQ7, PE/Cy7 and Qdot 800.

Product Specifications

Wavelength 741.5 - 784.5 nm
Package Quantity 1

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