Secure PROService Framework

Remote Management Framework

Remote Management Framework

PROService transfers instrument performance data using a multi-faceted approach and advanced technologies that meet rigorous standards for data security, privacy and confidentiality. 

A compact Remote Application Processor (RAP) box with its own internal firewall is placed proximate to your instrument for real-time encrypted communication between your lab instrument and secure PROService servers.

Rigorous data security standards, encryption methods and message-processing security protect the data being transferred. Each remote session requires customer authorization and access is limited to Beckman Coulter service and support staff in your geographic region.*

Five Steps to PROService

  • Complete the ‘Get PROService’ questionnaire
  • RAP box(es) will arrive at your location
  • Contact your Beckman Coulter representative for RAP box installation**
  • A Beckman Coulter field service representative will complete the onsite installation***
  • You’re ready to start using PROService
*The PROService RAP box meets U.S. Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification standards. 
**RAP box installation for AQUIOS can be customer-installed with remote phone support. RAP boxes for other instruments must be installed by a Beckman Coulter service representative.
***We recommend your lab manager and IT support be available at time of installation.