Final Remarks

I've been using Beckman Coulter ultracentrifuges since I was a student. In fact, it was a time when ultracentrifuge meant Beckman Coulter. In the past, there was an urban legend that if the balance is not set perfectly, the rotor would fly out and chase after researchers, and ultracentrifugation experiments were a source of distress. However, I believe that newer ultracentrifuges are significantly easier to use compared to earlier models. Until the day we reveal the basic properties of exosomes, I believe many people will continue to depend on ultracentrifuges for some time.

Also, the support system is good and when there is something I do not understand, I immediately call Beckman Coulter and they respond quickly and diligently, so I always make use of their call center.

I used to think that ultracentrifuge is synonymous with Beckman Coulter, but now I recognize them for research/diagnostic devices, and in my view it is an organization that is closely connected to exosome diagnosis research and development.


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