Size Selection 

Agencourt SPRIselect is a SPRI-based chemistry that speeds and simplifies nucleic acid size selection for fragment library preparation for next-generation sequencing. In this process, size selection is required to produce a uniform distribution of fragments around an average size. Using SPRIselect, the size distribution can be adjusted to suit the application and platform used. The process can be scaled for low to high throughput workflows. Used manually or automated on a Biomek liquid handler, SPRIselect will provide rapid and consistent size selection suitable for most applications.

Size Selection Reagents

Part Number Product Name Volume Format List Price Buy

1 x 60 mL




1 x 450 mL




1 x 5 mL




Product Specifications

Application Uses Purification & Clean-up, Nucleic acid sample prep, DNA Size Selection, RNA Size Selection, PCR Clean-up, NGS Clean-up, PCR clean-up
Starting Sample Material Nucleic Acid
Automated Method Yes
Item Specifications Referenced B23318


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