RNA & cDNA Clean-up 

Agencourt RNAClean XP is a simple, flexible and highly reproducible method for purifying nucleic acid products generated in common enzymatic reactions.

  • Purification of small and large nucleic acid products
  • Complete removal of salts, unincorporated primers and dNTPs
  • Simple automation-friendly protocol
  • No centrifugation, filtration or precipitation steps required
  • Elution in aqueous solution
  • Purifies both cDNA and cRNA
  • Scalable throughput

RNA and cDNA Purification and Cleanup Reagents

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1 x 40 mL




1 x 450 mL




Product Specifications

Application Uses Purification & Clean-up, RNA Clean-up, cDNA Clean-up, IVT cleanup
Starting Sample Material RNA or cDNA
Automated Method Yes
Item Specifications Referenced A63987