FLEXLyse, 100 mL

Product No:C54313

Whole blood assays are our best approximation of physiological conditions in research flow cytometry. Density gradient leukocyte isolation or bulk lysing procedures are common to remove red blood cells, but decompose the native material prior to antigen detection. Common lysing buffers avoid this decomposition and eliminate the gradient-related preanalytical workload, but also increase sample volume beyond the single-well capacity of many plate formats, limiting throughput and automation options.

FLEXLyse processes blood samples at much smaller total volumes than common lysing buffers, enabling automation of whole blood lysis procedures:

  • For 96 shallow well plates with 25 – 40 μl of whole blood/well (2,000 tests/unit FLEXLyse)
  • For 96 deep well plates with 50 – 100 μl of whole blood/well (330 tests/unit FLEXLyse)
  • Leave prepared samples for up to 48 hrs at room temperature on liquid handler deck*
  • Avoid integration of centrifuges with no-wash protocols*
  • Combine FLEXLyse with dry DURA Innovations reagents for streamlined automated protocols – no need for reagent cooling!

*No-wash protocol established with antibody combination according to DURAClone IM Phenotyping Basic, stained in EDTA-anticoagulated whole blood. For different materials and antibody combinations, users are responsible for verifying prepared sample stability and no-wash compatibility.

Product Specifications

Regulatory Status RUO
Format Liquid
Flow Product Line 032
Kit Components FlexLyse 100ml (1 vial)

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