CD36-APC, FA6.152, 0.5 mL, ASR

Product No:A87786

The CD36 antigen (platelet GPIV) is a generic term for a family of glycoproteins with molecular weights ranging from 78 to 88 kDa. This molecule is found on platelets, endothelial cells, monocytes, and some human tumor cell lines. It is a very early marker of erythroid differentiation and mediates the adherence of platelets to thrombospondin and collagen.

Product Specifications

Target Species Human
Specificity CD36
Other Names CD36, GPIIIb, gpIV, PAS IV, platelet GPIV
Fluorochrome APC
Regulatory Status ASR
Size 0.5 mL
Format Liquid
Flow Product Line IOTest
Clone FA6.152
Isotype IgG1 Mouse
Clone Description The FA6-152 monoclonal antibody, raised against fetal erythrocytes, recognizes the CD36 family of antigens on platelets and certain hematopoietic cells. It does not react with lymphocytes or granulocytes. It reacts with both fetal and adult monocytes, megakaryocytes, platelets, and with reticulocytes.

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