CD161-PE, 191B8, 1 mL, ASR

Product No:IM3450

The CD161 antigen is also designated as the NKR-P1A molecule. CD161 is a type II integral membrane protein expressed as a monomer of 44 kDa or as a disulphide-linked homodimer of 80 kDa. The carboxy-terminal extracellular domain is homologous to Ca++-dependent (C-type) lectin superfamily. CD161 is an activatory NK receptor, but in contrast with other NK receptors such as KIR (p58, p70, p140) and CD94/NKG2, CD161-mediated activation is not HLA-dependent. CD161 is expressed on all NK cells and on sub-populations of T lymphocytes.

Product Specifications

Target Species Human
Specificity CD161
Other Names CD161, killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily B, member 1, NKR-P1, NKR-P1A
Fluorochrome PE
Regulatory Status ASR
Size 1 mL
Format Liquid
Flow Product Line IOTest
Clone 191B8
Isotype IgG2a Mouse
Clone Description The 191B8 antibody partially blocks the spontaneous NK cytotoxicity in the P815 model.

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