CD152-UNLB, BNI3, 0.2 mg, RUO

Product No:IM2070

The CD152 antigen, also called CTLA4, is an integral membrane protein belonging to the immunoglobulin superfamily, which is expressed either as a 30 kDa monomer or as a disulfide-linked homodimer. It has homology with the T cell antigen CD28, and like CD28, is a ligand for CD80 and CD86. CTLA-4 is transiently expressed by activated T cells and is not detectable in resting T cells. CD152 and CD28 are involved in the costimulation required for T cell activation.

Product Specifications

Target Species Human
Specificity CD152
Other Names CD152, CTLA-4, Cytotoxic T lymphocyte antigen
Fluorochrome UNLB
Regulatory Status RUO
Size 0.2 mg
Format Freeze-dried
Clone BNI3
Isotype IgG2a Mouse
Clone Description The BNI3 antibody can be used to detect intracytoplasmic CD152 (CTLA4) by flow cytometry after permeabilization with IntraPrep Permeabilization Reagent.
Cross Reactivity Cynomolgus Monkey, Indian Rhesus, Chimpanzee, Olive Baboon, Ovine, Porcine

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