DuraClone IM Features

For worry-free compensation, adopt DuraClone IM Panels.

Banish the idea that high content flow is complicated due to tedious compensation adjustments. DuraClone IM panels are provided with robust compensation kits to simplify use of high content flow for clinical research studies. Three convenient, dry format single color compensation kits are provided in each 25 pack of assays tubes. This complete solution delivers the standardization and workflow efficiency needed for clinical research studies involving multiple participant laboratories.

Standardize with the experts, adopt DuraClone IM Panels.

Based on the ONE Study (www.onestudy.org) panels, expert flow cytometry labs have designed and optimized the marker and dye selections in DuraClone IM panels for use in clinical research studies. These unitized, dry format reagent cocktails help minimize variability for studies carried out across multiple sites. DuraClone IM panels, each provided with specific compensation kits, standardize high content flow for streamlined use in clinical research.

DuraClone IM Panels

Available in convenient 25 test package. Each package includes three complete compensation kits with single color set of compensation reagents, containing lot-matched tubes for tandem dyes, specific for each panel.

ONE Study Publication

Standardization of whole blood immune phenotype monitoring for clinical trials: panels and methods from the ONE study. Streitz M., Miloud T., Kapinsky M., Reed M.R., Magari R., Geissler E.K., Hutchinson J.A., Vogt K., Schlickeiser S., Kverneland A.H., Meisel C., Volk H.D., Sawitzki B

DuraClone IM Workflow Illustration