DuraClone IF Features

Immune Function Requires Identity

Reading out cytokine responses without identification and quantification of the underlying effector cells leaves many questions open. Cytometry provides a powerful tool to address that gap with modern instrumentation such as the CytoFLEX granting access to a new range of sensitivity and resolution.

Assessment of cytokine expression with the DuraClone IF T Activation tube* reveals the identity of the effector cells and the heterogeneity of their response. Data was obtained from a PMA/Ionomycin-stimulated whole blood sample using a CytoFLEX* cytometer and Kaluza Analysis software.

DuraClone IF T Activation Panel*

Available in a convenient 25 test package with optimized antibody doses for intracellular staining. Each package includes three compensation kits with lot-matched fluorochromes.

Clean-up your workflow from error-prone manual pipetting

DuraClone* tubes contain a coating of a pre-formulated antibody for storage at room temperature.The elimination of antibody pipetting reduces human error sources and purges the workflow from repetitive actions. Reagent inventory management is reduced to a minimum.

DuraClone IF Workflow Illustration