DURAClone IF Features

Standardized But Not Locked

DURAClone IF panels are optimized 5- or 6-color antibody panels that are meaningful on their own, but also adapt readily to your specific research needs. Drop-in slots for additional antigen markers accommodate broadly available fluorochromes such as PE or APC.

  • Pre-formulated 5- or 6-color antibody panel 
  • Unitized, dry, Beckman Coulter proprietary test tube format
  • Expert-proven marker combinations 
  • 25 tests/package with 3 compensation kits
Flow cytometry DURAClone reagents Flow cytometry DURAClone reagents  Flow cytometry DURAClone reagents 

In combination with DURActive for functional studies

DURAClone IF flow cytometry contained stimulating reagents

Streamlined Workflow for Immune Functional Assays

DURAClone IF kits provide the specified antibody panels as a dried-down layer in each test tube and are optimized for simultaneous surface and intracellular staining using the innovative permeabilization kit PerFix-nc (B31167). This streamlined workflow shortens turnaround times and reduces sources of error and variability. 

DuraClone IF Workflow Illustration


Your Clinical Research Trial Companion

Dry, pre-formulated DuraClone IF panels, which can be shipped and stored at room temperature, enable the level of experimental rigor that is key to multi-centric and longitudinal clinical research studies.