DURAClone IF Dry Antibody Panels

Be Certain About the Response

The dry pre-formulated DURAClone IF antibody panels reveal cytokine responses at the single cell level, excluding bias from antibody pipetting variability or unsteady panel design.

  • Efficient – simultaneous staining of surface and intracellular antigens
  • Robust – minimal compensation requirements
  • Flexible – multiple options for drop-in markers


Your Clinical Research Trial Companion

The dry pre-formulated DuraClone IF panels, which can be shipped and stored at room temperature, enable the level of experimental rigor that is key to multi-centric and longitudinal clinical research studies.

Standardized But Not Locked

The DuraClone IF panels are optimized 5- or 6-color antibody panels that are meaningful on their own, but also adapt readily to your specific research needs. Drop-in slots for additional antigens markers accommodate broadly available fluorochromes such as PE or APC.

Streamlined Workflow for Immune Functional Assays

The DuraClone IF kits provide the specified antibody panels as a dried-down layer in each test tube and are optimized for simultaneous surface and intracellular staining using the innovative permeabilization kit PerFix-nc (B31167). This shortens turnaround times and reduces sources of error and variability.

DuraClone IF Features

  • Pre-formulated 5-6 color antibody panel
  • Unitized dry Beckman Coulter proprietary test tube format
  • Expert-proven marker combinations
  • 25 tests/package with 3 compensation kits

Choose a DURAClone IF Model

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