Integrated Systems

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences can transform Liquid Handlers into complete workflow solutions from the integration of simple devices to complete robotic systems. Our team of engineers and specialists have extensive, multidisciplinary training and experience in mechanical, electrical and systems engineering, software development, and project management, as well as the scientific knowledge and background to understand your applications.

More than 300 third party devices from over 60 manufacturers integrated:

  • Bar code readers
  • Microplate centrifuges
  • Plate readers and imagers
  • Plate transport devices
  • Plate washers
  • Safety and bio-containment enclosures
  • Temperature-controlled storage
  • Tube handling – capping/decapping devices

We understand that every lab is unique and that's why we do more than just install instrumentation in your lab—our quality-controlled product development process involves an in-depth workflow analysis to ensure our team has uncovered all of the possibilities to optimize your workflow and address your laboratory's needs, challenges and goals.