Biomek i5 Advanced Nucleic Acid Extraction Solution

Product No:C57789

The Biomek i5 Advanced Nucleic Acid Extraction Solution is an ideal platform for laboratories looking to automate more challenging nucleic acid extraction workflows. Configured for rapid implementation of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences extraction or cleanup chemistries, including those designed for cell-free DNA isolation or extraction from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues, the 96-channel selective tip pipettor and on-line 360˚ rotating gripper provide both flexibility and efficiency for full and partial plate processing. Each automated workflow is driven by an intuitive user interface while tools like Deck Optix™ Final Check help ensure accurate setup and reduce costly errors.

Compatible chemistries include:

  • Apostle MiniMax™ High Efficiency Cell-Free DNA Isolation
  • DNAdvance
  • FormaPure XL
  • GenFind V3
  • RNAdvance (Blood, Cell, Tissue)
  • RNAdvance Viral and Viral XP
  • Cleanup chemistry (AMPure XP, RNAClean XP, SPRIselect, CleanSEQ)

Product Specifications

Platform Biomek i-Series
Pod and Tool Type Multichannel-96 head, 5-1200 µL
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 10 A
Operating System Windows® 10
Software Biomek software, Biomek Method Launcher
Weight 181 kg(399 lb)
Width 112 cm(44.1 in)
Depth 81 cm(31.9 in)
Height 112 cm(44.1 in)

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