Biomek i5 Nucleic Acid Cleanup Solution

Product No:C57787

The Biomek i5 Nucleic Acid Cleanup Solution is an ideal platform for medium to high-throughput laboratories looking to automate nucleic acid cleanup and size selection. It has been configured for rapid implementation of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences cleanup chemistries. The 96-channel selective tip pipettor and on-line 360˚ rotating gripper provide both flexibility and efficiency for full and partial plate processing. Each automated workflow is driven by an intuitive user interface while tools like Deck Optix™ Final Check help ensure accurate setup and reduce costly errors.

Compatible chemistries include:

  • AMPure XP
  • RNAClean XP
  • SPRIselect
  • CleanSEQ

Product Specifications

Platform Biomek i-Series
Pod and Tool Type Multichannel-96 head, 5-1200 µL
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 10 A
Operating System Windows® 10
Software Biomek software, Biomek Method Launcher
Weight 181 kg(399 lb)
Width 112 cm(44.1 in)
Depth 81 cm(31.9 in)
Height 112 cm(44.1 in)

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