Using a Temporary, Software-Based License with Kaluza

You contacted us to receive a temporary, dongle free software license to allow you to work from home using Kaluza Analysis * or Kaluza C while you are unable to enter your lab. You have received a Product key via e-mail. To activate this temporary software-based license, follow these steps:

  1. If you can currently run Kaluza, continue to the next step. If you can’t because you do not have access to your license key and you’re getting error 11008, please go to step 3.

  2. Get access to the License Management dialog by clicking on the Manage License… button in the About Kaluza Analysis (or Kaluza C) as described on page A-2 of the Kaluza Analysis * IFU C10986 or Kaluza C IFU PN C10993AB. Proceed to step 4.

    Kaluza Manage License

  3. Get access to the License Management dialog by clicking on the Change License button on the Kaluza Error: Code 11008 error dialog.

    Kaluza Change License

  4. In the License Management window, click the Change button:

    Kaluza License Management

  5. Choose the first option, Use a software-based license (product key or license file), and click Next >:

    Kaluza license type

  6. Ensure that the Online activation option is selected, and click Next >:

    Kaluza activation mode

  7. Paste in the unique Product key you received from Beckman Coulter and click Next >:

    Kaluza Product Key

  8. An Activating window will pop up while the license is activated:

    Kaluza product key activating

  9. You will get a success message Product key is activated successfully which prompts you to Backup the license file. It is very important to backup the license in a safe location, as the Product key will not work again.

    Kaluza activated successfully

  10. After you press Next > you’ll get a message indicating success with the license and backup. Press Finish.

    Kaluza activation finish

Using a Saved License File

This is the process to follow if you need to reinstall Kaluza and restore a license that you created with a Product key. This works for both Kaluza Analysis * and Kaluza C. You must have a previously saved license file with a “.v2c” extension.

Follow steps 1 through 5 above. Then in the Activation Mode window, select Offline activation, and click the Next > button.

Kaluza activation mode

  1. In the next window, ensure that Import a License is selected and click Next >.

    Kaluza import a license

  2. In the License Management window, use the Browse… button to locate a previously saved .v2c file and click Next >.

    Kaluza Import a license

  3. You will get a success message. Press Finish.

    Kaluza license imported successfully

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
This document does not replace Instructions for Use.
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