Which CytoFLEX Fits best?

Based on your answers we recommend the:



CytoFLEX SRT Benchtop Cell Sorter


  • Exquisite sensitivity thanks to Avalanche Photodiodes (APD) technology
  • Small particle analysis in a benchtop analyzer
  • Extensive set of repositionable band pass filters
  • Flexibility to upgrade by adding additional parameters
  • Intuitive software to facilitate multicolor analysis

Product Features

  • up to 4 lasers
  • 5-15 colors
  • 4-way-tube-sorting up to 30,000 events/sec and 99% purity
  • plate-sorting up to 384 well plates


Laser Options

  • 405nm violet
  • 488nm blue
  • 561nm yellow/green
  • 638nm red

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