Gallios Flow Cytometer Features

Analytical excellence

The Gallios Flow Cytometer research system delivers analytical excellence by coupling extraordinary sensitivity, resolution and dynamic range with high-speed data collection. Along with the unprecedented detection capabilities of the instrument, the Gallios includes easy-to-use software and automation to facilitate superior performance of multi-color flow cytometry assays.


Advanced optical design and sensitivity for multicolor assays

With customized forward scatter for the most accurate size measurement and optimized electronics for fast, accurate processing, the Gallios is designed to improve your cytometric workflow.

Improve your cytometric workflow and minimize downtime with remote diagnostics

Choose from four scalable configurations to accommodate more lasers and fluorescence detectors as your multi-color flow cytometry research evolves.

Gallios Flow Cytometer

  • Up to four highly reliable, solid-state lasers in standard red and blue with optional violet and yellow lasers for greater choice of fluorochromes to perform sophisticated multicolor assays
  • New 561 nm laser capability for simultaneous analysis of multiple fluorescent proteins and greater detection functionality
  • Interchangeable optical filters to detect various dyes and wavelengths
  • Forward-scatter detector provides up to three cell size and particle visualization measurements (to 0.404 µm in diameter)
  • Side-scatter detection via a dedicated high-performance photodiode with electronic attenuation
  • Six fluorescence detectors simultaneously acquire up-to six fluorescence signals (add as many as four additional detectors for concurrent reading of up-to 10 colors)
  • Simultaneous measurements of integral, peak and width available for all parameters, including scatter and fluorescence signals

Optics in action

The Gallios offers up-to four solid state, independently-focused diode lasers with an innovative steering design mechanism for optimal excitation at the flow cell yielding reliable high-quality results.
Emitted energy powered fiber optics flows to the boulevard via 18-degree reflective optics for enhanced light-collection efficiency and data resolution. The patented boulevard design offers maximum application flexibility with accessible plug-and-play filter and tandem dye collection features.

Electronics explained

The Gallios maintains a high yield of processed signals, greater than 90% even at 25,000 events/second.

  • 20 bit resolution
  • 1,048,576 channel display
  • More channels of resolution to separate even the dimmest of populations
  • Excellent accuracy and resolution for dim stains and quantitation
  • Patented electronics design ensures fast, accurate measurement of signals over a wide range of events.
  • Higher bits of information
  • Baseline restoration
  • Fast signal processing
  • Minimize data loss
  • High-yield electronics with fast pulse recovery at high speeds, the Gallios electronic system minimizes linearity errors and adjusts for temperature variability.
  • Sensitivity of dim particles
  • Minimize dead time
  • The Gallios electronic system has a self-correcting temperature regulation system.
  • Adjusts for temperature variability
  • Minimizes linearity errors based on temperature variations

Gallios System Specifications


6 colors/2 lasers 

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