DxFLEX B5-R3-V5 Flow Cytometer (13 Detectors, 3 Laser) with Autoloader, CE Version

Product No:C47509

DxFLEX B5-R3-V5 Flow Cytometer has 3 active lasers (405nm, 488 nm, 638nm) ,13 channels for fluorescence detection and is equipped with an autoloader module. This instrument includes 13 repositionable bandpass filters, 450/45, 525/40 (2), 585/42, 610/20 (2), 660/10 (2), 690/50, 712/25, 780/60 (3). The system is supplied with the CytExpert for DxFLEX Acquisition software, as well as sheath and waste containers with harness.

Product Specifications

Product Category (BU) Flow Cytometry Analyzer
Regulatory Status CE
Number of Parameters {6E9C3C60-E8FC-4B0D-AE4B-4667272927FE}

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