Release Notes

Kaluza Analysis Software Version 2.0

New Features
  1. Users can define default settings of different platforms to optimize the display. 
    1. Add a “$CYT Defaults” tab in option window. The settings include axis scale, default quadrant gate name and so on.
  2. Support index sorting data of Moflo cell sorter
    1. The software supports index sorting parameters. Users can create index sorting plots for further analysis.
  3. Auto-gating
    1. Users can create auto-gates to find the target population. 
    2. Auto-gates embedded in LMD file can be displayed. 
  4. User management and user log
    1. Installable user control function. User name, password and policy can be defined.
    2. Audit trails are recorded. 
  5. Add the algorithm for cell cycle analysis.
  6. Software can calculate absolute count results based on reference beads.
  7. QC Report
    1. Users can create QC protocol to read the QC sample results.
    2. QC results can be present on the reports with LJ charts. 
  8. Subset events display resolution is alterable in dot plots.
    1. Dots can be highlighted by increasing the dot resolution.
  9. Can export compensation matrix file (.PRO) which can be imported to Navios or Gallios software.
  10. CytoSettings table can be added to display the instrument setting information during acquisition, including voltage, gain and compensation.
  11. Shapes such as lines and arrows can be added within the plots.
  12. Channel value of median is available for statistics.
  13. Ratio parameters can be defined and added.
  14. Users are allowed to add “IF” conditional in expression in information sheet.
  15. Grandparent population statistics 
  16. Two reports can be displayed side by side for comparison.
  17. A separated gate statistics window can be added. 
  18. Data export:
    1. Can export data in a format compatible with LIS.
    2. Gif files can be exported from radar plots.
    3. Histogram data can be exported to .CSV file for future analysis.
  1. Merging files can support up to 20 million events.
  2. Plot limit for composite mode is 100.
  3. Optimize the process of Boolean gate creation.
  4. Gate coloring setting can be set on a plot basis.
  5. Event display improvement
    1. Support viewing a fixed number of events on plots
    2. Event display setting is on a plot basis.
  6. Data can be normalized for overlay histogram display.
    1. Users can choose to display Y axis as count, max% or gate%
  7. Data source can be labeled on axis directly on offset overlay histograms.
  8. New export image file formats of plots include .bmp and .jpeg.
  9. Optimize the naming rules of exported files of statistics.
  10. Text in clipboard can be paste to Kaluza report sheet as text box.
  11. Multiple gate statistics items can be selected to display in gate label.
  12. Dataset information can be removed from plot title in composite protocol if needed.
  13. Default color of the first gate can be adjusted in software options.
  14. Add Ctrl+L shortcut to create link plot.   
Bug Fixes
  1. When data is dragged to a saved composite protocol, the range setting in the protocol is changed.
  2. When a LMD file is imported to a composite protocol saved in version 1.3, the gate positions are incorrect.
  3. The plot sheet is deleted when multiple sheets are exported in one PDF file and the plot sheets are unchecked in preview window.
  4. Protocol and dataset name are displayed in the header of exported PDF files, which should not.