Kaluza Analysis Software

Kaluza Analysis Software from Beckman Coulter employs cutting edge technology for fast, efficient real-time analysis of complex multicolor files. It’s easy to learn, easy to use, and represents true innovation in data manipulation and analysis. With tools such as panning and zoom, Kaluza allows you to use one software to analyze data from multiple cytometry platforms.

Kaluza is available in the format you and your laboratory need. Whether you are looking for an individual timed license or a large site license, we have the solution for you. And, with the Kaluza Network License Control Center managing a site license is easier than ever.

Network License Control Center

The Network License Control Center (NLCC) is available with any large, multiuser Kaluza license. Whether you’re managing 10 users or a 1000 users, the NLCC gives you the functionality to grant/deny access and monitor usage. With the NLCC you can:

  • Create detailed usage reports
  • Manage License Keys
  • Query logs for specific users


Cytometer Compatibility

Kaluza isn’t just for people who have a cytometer from Beckman Coulter. Kaluza can be integrated into your laboratory operations regardless of the cytometer since it reads standard FCS data files. Improved functionality allows you to:

Change the scale mode from Legacy to full range

  • Customize the plot axis range
  • Use pan to position data on plot


Training Available

We offer a variety of resources to help new and experienced users expand their skills.

  • Online tutorials provide lessons you can follow.
  • Training* classes give you the opportunity to learn Kaluza Analysis in a class format with an expert instructor.
  • Online user groups are a great way to ask the Kaluza community questions and share your Kaluza experience.

Learn more: www.kaluzasoftware.com/trainings

*Instructor-led training classes are currently available only in Miami.