Navios Flow Cytometer

The Navios clinical cytometer is equipped with electronics that provide accurate and efficient digital signal processing at high event rates over a wide dynamic range of fluorescence intensities. It delivers stable performance over long periods of time and across a wide range of operating temperatures. With automated protocols, automated startup and QC monitoring, the Navios was designed with the clinical lab in mind.

Navios tetra system is a clinical assay for simultaneous identification and enumeration of T, B and NK lymphocytes in whole blood.

  • Efficient workflow through automated data management from sample identification through to data reporting
  • Innovative scatter detection technology provides flexibility for microparticle and dim fluorescent population analysis

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System Configurations

  • 2 laser (red and blue), 6 color system
  • 2 laser (red and blue), 8 color system
  • 3 laser (red, blue, and violet), 10 color system
  • Windows 7 controller

Clinical Workflow

  • 488 nm blue laser, 638 nm red laser and 405 nm violet laser
  • Streamlined data entry and reporting with bi-directional LIS connectivity when used with Data Innovations Instrument Manager 8.05-8.12
  • QC functionality with Levey-Jennings reports

Set up and acquisition

  • Vortex of individual tube prior to acquisition.
  • Internal and external washing of probe between samples
  • Flow Check Pro and Flow Set Pro Fluorospheres for fast automated set up
  • IQAP Quality Assurance Program to compare your cytometer’s function to other Navios’ deployed globally
  • Barcode identification of carousel number, position number and tube label

Product Specifications

Detection Photodiodes (forward & side scatter), Photomultiplier tubes (fluorescence)
Resolution HPCV is <2%
Performance <112 MESF for FITC, <78 MESF for PE, <15 MESF for PC5
Optics/Laser Power 488 nm solid state laser (22 mW), 638 nm solid state laser (25 mW), 405 nm solid state laser (40 mW)
Regulatory Status IVD, CE
Flow Cell BioSense 150 μm x 450 rectangular channel with an integral lens
Signal Processing Digital System with 4 decade data display
Power Requirements 100 VAC, 115 VAC, 230 VAC, 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Item Specifications Referenced B47905


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