Navios Performance


Optics in action

The Navios offers up to four solid state, independently focused diode lasers* with an innovative steering design mechanism for optimal excitation at the flow cell and reliable high-quality results. Emitted energy is delivered by fiber optic technology to the patented boulevard using 18-degree reflective optics resulting in greater light collection efficiency for better resolve data, especially dim markers. The boulevard is optimized to offer application flexibility with accessible plug-and-play filters and he collection of tandem dyes.

Electronics explained

The Navios maintains a high yield of processed signals, greater than 90%–even at 25,000 events/second.

  • 20 bit resolution
  • 1,048,576 channel display
  • More channels of resolution to separate even the dimmest of populations
  • Excellent accuracy and resolution for dim stains and quantitation

Patented electronics design ensures fast, accurate measurement of signals over a wide range of events.

  • Higher bits of information
  • Baseline restoration
  • Fast signal processing
  • Minimize data loss

High-yield electronics with fast pulse recovery at high speeds, the Navios electronic system minimizes linearity errors and adjusts for temperature variability.

  • Sensitivity of dim particles
  • Minimize dead time

The Navios electronic system has a self-correcting temperature regulation system.

  • Adjusts for temperature variability
  • Minimizes linearity errors based on temperature variations


*Optionally available depending on upgraded system configuration