Navios Features

inside-navios-flow-cytometerProven reliability and precision for confident treatment decisions

Get the fast answers you need for timely, confident treatment decisions with the proven reliability and precision of Beckman Coulter’s Navios Tetra system for simultaneous identification and enumeration of T, B and NK lymphocytes in whole blood.

Navios is equipped with electronics that provide accurate and efficient digital signal processing at high event rates over a wide dynamic range of fluorescence intensities. These benefits are packaged in a compact analyzer that delivers stable performance over long periods of time and across a wide range of operating temperatures.

Now available for the Navios flow cytometer, Navios Tetra delivers an easy-to-use solution for multicolor flow cytometric analysis of lymphocyte subsets as well as CD4+ and CD8+ T cell subsets ratios. 

Accurate, automated and available on Navios

Power through your routine testing workload when you run on Navios with the innovative cluster tracking and absolute count robustness of Navios Tetra.Navios Flow Cytometer Sample Processing

Fully automated set-up

Use Flow Check Pro and Flow Set Pro Fluorospheres for fast automated set up

Faster sample processing

  • Ready to use, pre-optimized reagents make sample prep easier than ever
  • Improve lab safety with reduced sample handling with no wash protocol
  • Streamline data entry and reporting with bi-directional LIS connectivity*

*When used with Data Innovations Instrument Manager 8.05-8.12

Single platform standardization

Navios Flow Cytometer Features

  • Automated software algorithms define lymphocyte gate in three dimensions
  • Patient panel reports summarize T, B and NK results and internal reliability checks
  • Run-time reports highlight pertinent results

On-board quality control tracking

  • Process controls including low level CD4 counts
  • Built-in reliability and intra-panel checks
  • Sample flagging with insufficient T-cells

Navios Flow Cytometer Quality Control Tracking 

Lasers & Power Output 

  • Blue Solid State Diode: 488nm, 22mW laser output
  • Red Solid State Diode: 638nm, 25mW laser output 
  • Violet Solid State Diode: 405nm, 40mW laser output 


  • 125 μm spatially separated beam spots

Minimum Laser Power at Flow Cell

  • Blue: > 20mW
  • Red: > 20mW**
  • Violet: > 30mW**

Flow Cell

150 x 460 μm rectangular quartz

Collection Optics

Gel coupled 1.2 NA lens

Optical Filters

Easily interchangeable optical filters
Optimal 18-degree reflective optics for minimal light loss

Detector Filters

Forward Scatter: 488/10
Blue Laser: 525/40, 575/30, 620/30, 675/20**, 695/30, 755LP
Dyes: FITC, PE, ECD, PC5 or PEC5.5, PECy7 Red Laser: 660/20, 725/20, 755 LP
Dyes: APC or Alexa Fluor† 647, APCAlexa Fluor 700, APCCy7, APCAlexa Fluor 750
Violet Laser: **450/50, 550/40
Dyes: Pacific Blue†, Pacific Orange†, Krome Orange


  • Forward Scatter Detector - Fourier design providing up to 3 measurements of forward angle
  • Side Scatter Detector - Independently focused high performance photodiode with electronic attenuation
  • Fluorescence Detector - FL1-FL10 Fluorescent Detectors (7-10 optional**)

Sample Processing

Flow Rates

Continuous pressure is applied to the sample tube based on user selected flow rates: Low Medium and High

Sheath Consumption

Acquisition: 780mL/hour
Carryover: <0.1%
Compatibility: 12x75mm tubes

Acquisition Modes

32 tube Multi Carousel Loader (MCL)
Single tube sampling mode
Automated work list acquisition
Manual work list mode


The MCL patented design vortexes each tube individually before sample acquisition

Barcode Reading

Carousel number, tube location and tube barcode


Biohazard contained wash station thoroughly rinses sample probe


10L IsoFlow External Sheath Container
20L Waste Container
1.5L FlowClean Cleaning Fluid Tank
1.5L Internal Sheath Tank

Signal Processing

Flow Rates

Dynamic Range: 20-bit data acquisition
Workstation Resolution: 1,048,576 channels
Digital Sampling Rate: 40MHz
Digital Accuracy: <5% error

  • Five different signals available from each detector: Integral linear and logarithmic, Peak linear and logarithmic and True Time of Flight linear
  • Time, Ratio
  • Selection of up to 62 parameters**

** Optionally available depending on upgraded system configuration
*** Optional filter included
† Alexa Fluor, Pacific Blue, and Pacific Orange are registered trademarks of Molecular Probes, Inc.
†† Pentium Core is a trademark of the Intel Corporation.
These characteristics can be influenced by a number of factors relating to instrument setup, sample type, number of parameters selected, protocol definition and number of events acquired. Refer to Instrument Instructions for Use for more information on Performance Characteristics.