Delivers flexible testing, powerful software and a user-friendly interface, features that help both clinical and basic researchers optimize their overall workflow. The system has the capacity to conduct 5-color analysis using either a single (488nm) laser or a dual (488nm/635nm) air-cooled laser configuration. Coupled with the ability to perform tube or plate based automated analysis, the system enables you to easily manage and automate every aspect of your flow cytometric analysis. The FC 500 incorporates ADC technology, the most advanced method of color compensation available. Combined with high resolution acquisition electronics, its proven algorithm provides superior correction of spectral overlap for more accurate results. With ADC technology, biological samples can be used for automated color compensation, without the limitations of latex beads. 20-bit Digital Signal Processing (DSP) on the system is responsible for excellent linearity, drift-free amplification and accurate color compensation. High resolution color compensation is available during acquisition and in Listmode analysis, increasing the flexibility of the system. Both optical and digital systems work together to yield unrivalled visualization of low intensity fluorescence populations.


Platform FC500
Detection Photodiodes (forward & side scatter), Photomultiplier tubes (fluorescence)
Resolution 0.5 μm diameter particles. HPCV is <2% to <4% depending on the laser.
Performance <300 MESF for PE, <600 MESF for APC, <600 MESF for FITC
Optics/Laser Power 488 nm argon ion laser (20 mW), 635 nm solid state laser (25 mW)
Flow Cell 150 x 450 µm rectangular channel BioSense enhanced optics, Quartz mounted with vertical flow path for superior hydrodynamic focusing
Signal Processing Digital System with 4 decade data display
Software CXP software
Power Requirements 50/60 Hz, 100-240 VAC
Temperature Range 16°C - 32°C
Humidity Restrictions 35%-85% (non-condensing)
Regulatory Status IVD
Installation Category II (per IEC 1010-1 standard)
Weight 84.8 kg / 187 lb
Width 97.8 cm / 38.5 in
Depth 88.9 cm / 35 in
Height 61 cm / 24 in
UNSPSC 41116015


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