CytoFLEX Optics

Excitation optics

The instrument has the capacity for 15 parameters, including 13 for fluorescence detection. The fully activated instrument includes five channels from the 488 nm (Blue) laser, three from the 638 nm (Red) laser, and five from the 405 nm (Violet) laser. Instruments with as few as four fluorescent channels activated are available with the ability to activate additional parameters as needed by purchasing an activation key.

Flow cell

Fixed integrated optics and quartz flow cell design with >1.3 numerical aperture.
Flow Cell dimensions: 420 μm x 180 μm internal diameter

Forward scatter detection

Proprietary Axial Light Loss (ALL) sensor system using silicon photodiodes with built in 488/8 μm band pass filter.

Fluorescence and side scatter detection

Fluorescence and side scatter light delivered by fiber optics to Avalanche Photo Diode detector arrays. Proprietary design ensures high performance, high efficiency, low-noise signal detection. Emission profiles are collected using reflective optics and single transmission band pass filters.

Violet side scatter configuration

Option to configure Avalanche Photo Diode detector array to collect side scatter signal from Violet (405 nm) laser. The configured channel (VSSC) can be utilized to better resolve nanoparticles below 200 nm size threshold.