The new DxFLEX flow cytometer is a smart choice for clinical test labs. A highly compact design combined with automated QC procedures and an enhanced optical path for increased sensitivity ensure accurate stable detection results. Intuitive CytExpert software features including multiple preset switch types and high-quality Beckman Coulter flow reagents make the DxFLEX an ideal choice for today’s busy clinical labs.  

  •  Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) detection modules offer superior signal resolution
  • Simplified system settings, data acquisition & result export functions
  • Seven configurations available
  • Compact design for use in biological safety cabinets


Flow System

  • Inlet system for 12×75 mm & micro-scale sample tube loading (up to 30,000 events per sec)
  • Preset cleaning & maintenance programs with automatic maintenance reminders for easy maintenance
  • Three preset sample rates (high; medium; low) plus user-controlled option 
  • Automatic cleaning functions for inner & outer tube walls for reduced carryover 

Intelligent Software

  • Simple intuitive interface & automated parameter optimization for improved work efficiency
  • Graphical operating tools for adjusting threshold, gain, compensation & more directly on results graph
  • Chinese/English bilingual interface
  • Convenient compensation library stores compensation values of fluorescent dyes in multicolour experiments for future use

Standardized QC

  • Automated instrument quality control procedures & reporting (laser delay/power, channel gain, mean fluorescence intensity, rCV) for more reliable stable results


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