AQUIOS CL Features

The first true load-and-go flow cytometer... with a small footprint

The AQUIOS CL flow cytometer from Beckman Coulter is the first and only true “Load & Go” system available to clinical laboratories today and represents a real and significant breakthrough in flow cytometry. And it takes up less space in your lab.Modular flow cytometry systems occupy as much as 3 to 3.5 meters (10 to 12 feet) of bench space, with their separate modules for sample preparation, specimen loading, and analysis. Along with more bench space and modules comes more cost. The Aquios CL Load & Go Flow Cytometer is a fully integrated system housed in a compact 82 cm (32-inch) wide unit. Including its all-in-one touchscreen computer, the Aquios’ total footprint is no more than 1.5 meters (60 inches), or less if you place the computer on top of the main unit.


See what true load-and-go simplicity can bring to your lab

Introducing the new AQUIOS CL with an integrated sample prep module, automated reagent monitoring and barcode scanning, continuous loading with pipeline sample processing, data analysis, bidirectional LIS connectivity and automated QC.

The fast path to critical test results

What would it mean if your lab could shorten turnaround times and reduce the potential for user error in routine lymphocyte subset analysis? With the AQUIOS CL, you now have the answer—a true load-and-go cytometer for clinical labs.

20+25 = Load-and-go speed and efficiency

  • 20 minutes to the first result following sample load (measured with Tetra-1 or Tetra-2+)
  • 25 results per hour thereafter for up-to one full 96-well plate (measured with Tetra Combo)

Easy to learn, easy to operate

  • System users come up-to-speed in one day with computer-based training and an application specialist site visit
  • Eliminate manual pipetting steps with a simplified system design
  • Quickly check sample status for any run with the AQUIOS CL Intelligent Scheduler

Fast, efficient and hands-off

  • Fully-integrated sample prep
  • Automated reagent monitoring and barcode scanning capability
  • Automated system setup
  • Continuous loading
  • Automated quality control
  • Full LIS connectivity
  • More compact than traditional modular flow systems


The ideal solution for routine, high-throughput applications

The AQUIOS CL features full bi-directional Lab Information System (LIS) connectivity to auto-retrieve test requests without manual entry, worklists or middleware.
With pre-loaded standard protocols and operating instructions, the AQUIOS flow cytometer automatically connects sample IDs to test requests and prepares reagents specific to each sample.

Smart-track reagent monitoring

  • Choose from a comprehensive range of bar-coded reagents and consumables
  • Auto-scan and track on-board reagents, open and closed vial expiration dates and remaining tests per vial
  • Easily track remaining and in-use test wells with scanned microplate functionality

Real-time monitoring and quality control

  • The system continually tracks reagent status to ensure availability and proper use
  • Multiple audit functions ensure process compliance

Continuous loading

Continuous loading/unloading capability is available with multiple cassettes on a single autoloader for a total capacity of 40 sample tubes. With continuous loading, the AQUIOS CL can complete an entire 96 sample well-plate without stopping. A single-tube loader processes STAT samples in the next available slot including irregular tube sizes and open-vial sampling.

Sample Prep – random sample loading

The barcode on each sample tube identifies which test to run and the scanners match the specimen ID, test request and all necessary reagents.
Eliminate manual pipetting and potential biohazard issues with no daughter tubes to label and track and no transporting of prepared samples.

  • Cap pierces blood tubes
  • Aspirates correct sample volumes
  • Assigns samples to internal well plate
  • Adds and mixes reagents in correct volumes and sequence

Pipeline sample processing

This patent-pending feature eliminates slow, inefficient batch processing to enhance overall efficacy and processing times. Two multitasking probes—one dedicated to cap piercing and sample prep and the other to aspirating samples for analysis—ensures standardized sample preparation and fast efficient analysis.

Intelligent analysis algorithm

In the Tetra combo for lymphocyte subset analysis, first sample results are reported within 20 minutes of loading. Subsequent sample results are reported ~every two minutes. The algorithm auto-sets gates, regions and compensation to flag samples that don’t meet auto-validation criteria or require operator review.* Real-time on-screen detail includes a results summary complete with histograms, dot plots, adjustable gates and region, and compensation

Advanced failure prevention and quality control

  • To ensure the integrity of test results, antibody vials remain sealed preventing dye degradation due to light or air
  • Vials have pierceable caps eliminating the need to remove and track multiple cap locations
  • Laser output is continuously monitored and adjusted
  • Volumetric absolute counting eliminates count tubes and beads removing manual pipetting risks
  • Simultaneous quality control checks for every sample and process control run
  • System-based audit trail eliminates need for manual quality control or reagent log books required (includes tracking assay values for process controls)
  • Text and/or email auto-alert triggers for reagent replenishment or when operator intervention is required
  • Auto-transmit test results with LIS connectivity without manual data entry or middleware*

*Results should be reviewed by a qualified person prior to release of results from the LIS.