Flow Cytometers

Flow cytometers are changing. Beckman Coulter offers research and clinical models that take the best of legacy flow cytometers and set a new standard for more compact, more versatile and more powerful instruments designed to make flow cytometry more accessible for basic and high-end researchers alike.

Researchers can unpack, set up and run an experiment within an hour—and select from 3 models and 47 configurations of the CytoFLEX benchtop research analyzer series, which sets new standards for fluorescence sensitivity.

If clinical applications are part of your requirements, the streamlined, “load and go” Aquios CL flow cytometer is designed for high precision and integrated automated sample preparation. It delivers first results within 20 minutes for routine applications such as immunophenotyping.

Clinical Cytometers

Innovative cell sorters and analyzers to expand your clinical diagnostic and clinical research flow cytometry capabilities.


FC 500 Series


Navios EX

Research Cytometers

From basic cellular analysis to advanced cell sorting methods and flow cytometry applications, count on Beckman Coulter for efficient and reliable solutions to today's research challenges.

CytoFLEX Platform


MoFlo Astrios EQ


Cell Sorters

MoFlo systems deliver unmatched sorting capability for your research with proven fluidics. These systems are engineered to perform, have module options and exceptional sensitivity for diverse sorting applications. Discover resolution to reimagine multi-parametric cell sorting with an array of laser compatibility options.

MoFlo Astrios EQ



Ready-to-use CE–IVD multi-color antibody combinations for Leukemia & Lymphoma Immunophenotyping providing simple workflows, accuracy and reliability


Dry, unitized, pre-formulated antibody panels for Immune System Research, Immune Functional studies, Rare Event detection and selected clinical applications.


Ready-to-use IVD solutions for lymphocyte subset analysis and HIV monitoring, provided in barcoded and cap-pierceable vials.

Krome Orange

Exclusive organic fluor, Krome Orange™ dye, maximizes the potential of your violet laser.