With half as much sound output as any similar instrument, you’ll hardly notice this new assistant. That is, until it races through run cycles at up to 150,000 RPM (2,500 revolutions per second). You’ll also notice the easy-to-read full-color touchscreen–from across the lab or across the building--via remote monitoring and control. With so many big features built into this small ultracentrifuge, you’ll get more work done than you ever thought possible. The Optima MAX-XP’s rotors and its labware are designed, manufactured and tested as an integrated system for optimal performance and safety. The advanced software supports rigorous electronic recordkeeping with password-controlled access and audit trail documentation. The system monitors and records individual user and run data, rotor logs and more. Also features real-time speeds, time and temperature, and a customizable user interface for up to 12 persons. Plus access to an array of language, including French, Spanish, Japanese, simplified Chinese and more. The MAX-XP is ideal for applications requiring high speed and g-forces with volume flexibility, like viral vector gene delivery and nanoparticle applications. It also meets the needs of traditional laboratory applications, including separation of subcellular particles and protein purification and isolation. It’s fully compatible with our complete library of fixed-angle, swinging-bucket and unique near-vertical-tube (NVT) tabletop rotors. An ultracentrifuge is capable of separating high-molecular-weight compounds, viruses and subcellular particles for study.


Platform {F13600C8-64AB-4800-9997-83C56C65A812}
Max Speed 150,000 rpm
Max g-Force 1019000 x g
BioSafe No
Acceleration 10 acceleration profiles
Deceleration 11 deceleration profiles
Speed Control ± 50 rpm of set speed
Max Capacity Volume Range 0 - 194.4 mL
Refrigeration System Solid state (thermoelectric temperature control system with forced air; no coolant; no CFCs/ODCs)
Max Heat Dissipation 0.7 kW (2,400 BTU/hr)
Temperature Control 2.00 °C of set temperature
Drive Type Cooling Variable Frequency Induction Drive with rotor overspeed ID
Display Full-color LCD touch screen
Time (Actual Display) Indicates estimated run time remaining
User Defined Programs/Steps All user programs have up to 5 steps
Temperature Range(s) Set temperature range: 0 to 40°C in 1°C increments
Zonal Capability No
VacuumPump Moisture-purging vacuum system
Weight 105 kg / 231.5 lb
Width 73.9 cm / 29.1 in
Depth 61.7 cm / 24.3 in
Height 39.4 cm / 15.5 in
Clearances 7.6 cm: side & rear
Max Noise Output < 47 dBa
Additional Information Operating Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Korean, and Chinese (Simplified) Remote Control Option
Power Requirements 200-240 VAC , 50 Hz, 50/60 Hz, 120 V, 50/60 Hz, 100 VAC
UNSPSC 41103907


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ASR: Analyte Specific Reagents. These reagents are labeled "Analyte Specific Reagents. Analytical and performance characteristics are not established."
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