Avanti® J-30I Centrifuge, 60 Hz, 200/208/240 V


Enhanced performance compared to similar high speed or super speed centrifuges. New rotors enable forces of over 110,000g. Features include a high-torque SR Drive for the fastest acceleration and deceleration possible with gentle precision, automatic rotor identification and imbalance safety check, CFC-free refrigerants, and a friction reduction system. Compatible with all Beckman Coulter J rotors. System offers the fastest separations in the shortest time. Swinging-bucket and fixed-angle rotors provide maximum separation forces beyond 100,000 x g at speeds up to 30,000 rpm. Your productivity is ensured by unmatched accel/decel rates and an easy run set-up. Your sample spends more time at full force and less time in the centrifuge. Operates at near-Ultracentrifuge forces at over 100,000 x g for fast protein separations in the Avanti J-30I and the JA-30.50, the highest g-force fixed-angle rotor available in a high-performance centrifuge. Subcellular organelles are effectively separated by rate zonal centrifugation with the JS-24.38, a 6 x 38 mL swinging-bucket rotor. High Throughput: Four-liter batch throughput for bacteria and cell membrane isolation using the JLA-9.1000 J-LITE rotor at 16,800 x g. DNA sample preparation in up to 10 microplates with the JS-5.9 Rotor. Exclusive SR Drive technology offers the fastest accel and decel times. Low heat output and low energy consumption in a high efficiency machine.


Platform Avanti
Maximum Speed 30,000 rpm
Maximum g-Force 110500 x g
Acceleration Maximum, Slow or Timed (1-10 minutes, 0-500 rpm)
Deceleration Maximum, Slow, Timed (1-10 minutes from 500-0 rpm) or Off
Speed Control 10 rpm of set speed or 0.15%, whichever is greater
Timed Run 1 minute-99 hours, 59 minutes; Hold or Ω 2t
Max Capacity Volume Range 1 - 4 L
Refrigeration System Non-CFC, non-ozone depleting refrigerant
Drive Type Cooling SR Drive* / Air cooled
Temperature Range(s) -20° to +40° C
Rotor ID Yes
Friction Reduction System Yes
Zonal Capability Yes
Pollution Degree 2
Environmental Conditions -20°C to 40°C in 1° increments
Installation Category II
Software Virtual Network Computing (VNC), Mobile Fuge app for Apple iOS and Android
Material(s) Steel, Structural Foam
Finish Powder Coat Paint
Weight 310 kg(683.4 lb)
Width 71 cm(28 in)
Depth 86 cm (102.0 cm with air direviter extending)
Height 86 cm (141 cm with door open)
Clearances 7.6 cm (sides) & 16 cm (rear)
Humidity Restrictions < 95% (non-condensing)
Power Requirements 200/208/240 V, 60 Hz

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