Allegra X-14

The Allegra® X-14 series benchtop centrifuges are convenient, hardworking, reliable, and will speed up your process, cycle after cycle. This convenient 120-volt package delivers maximum performance and cost-effective versatility through a wide variety of available rotors, tubes, bottles, and accessories. Benefits you’ll enjoy include:

  • The ability to process up to 148 tubes per cycle
  • Quick cooling for the refrigerated model and maintaining that temperature even at maximum speeds
  • BioCertified rotors, covers, and canisters tested to ensure potentially harmful aerosols are contained

    North America Only.




Skip steps in cell culturing

  • Centrifuge cells directly in cell culture flasks
  • Save time and labor
  • Eliminate 15 mL or 50 mL conical tubes
  • Reduce potential contamination steps

Complete your run—even with imbalance

  • ARIES Smart Balance Rotor automatically corrects for imbalance
  • Up to 50 grams opposing loads
  • Eye balance your samples with confidence

Simple routine operating interface

  • Avoid scrolling
  • Save time
  • Minimize training

Reliable and safe

  • BioCertified for security against contamination
  • Manufactured with the highest quality materials for chemical resistance and durability

Product Specifications

Max Speed 10,200 rpm with Fixed-Angle rotor (4,300 rpm with Swinging-Bucket rotor)
Max g Force 11,400 (Fixed-Angle) 4,303 (Swinging Bucket) x g
Acceleration 10 acceleration rates
Deceleration 11 deceleration rates
Timed Run To 99 hrs 59 mins or continuous (hold)
Max Capacity Volume Range - 3000 mL
Regulatory Status IVD
Max Heat Dissipation 1.3 kW (4,318 BTU/hr)
Speed Display Actual rotor speed in 10 rpm increments or in RCF (when selected)
Temperature Control ± 2° C of 20°C set temperature after equilibration
Drive Type Cooling Brushless Induction
Time (Actual Display) Indicates estimated run time remaining
Temperature Range(s) Factory set at 20°C
Item Specifications Referenced A99464


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