ProteomeLab XL-A XL-I Features

Experience better lead optimization, improved drug candidate evaluation, and enhanced method validation with the ProteomeLab Protein Characterization System

Multiple detection systems

  • Equipped with a scanning UV/Vis detection system for low-concentration work and selectivity when detecting maximum sample absorbance
  • Rayleigh Interference Optics measure the change in refractive index resulting from changes in sample concentration for improved accuracy and increased sample flexibility
  • Both detection systems operate sequentially on the ProteomeLab XL-I to offer the broadest spectrum of data for protein characterization in solution

Easy sample prep

  • Inject up to 400µL of sample and reference solutions into opposing positions in the cell assembly
  • Analyze as many as 28 different sample/reference pairs in a single run, each with a unique set of solute/solvent conditions using the AN-50 rotor

Save time with the flow-through centerpiece assembly

  • Directly inject sample and reference solutions in the cell and retrieve samples for additional analysis without the need for assembly or reassembly
  • Quickly prep runs with unique dual-opening channel design providing easy access for cleaning and rinsing