By measuring proteins as interacting elements instead of in isolation, the ProteomeLab XL-A/XL-I accelerates the development of diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets and delivers a unique system for protein characterization in solution. The computer-controlled system collects absorbance data from sedimentation equilibrium and sedimentation velocity experiments. The XL-A Windows user interface and data analysis software interprets the data to provide information about association states of interacting molecules, association constants, weight average molecular weight, sedimentation and diffusion coefficients, and conformation changes. These systems can run up to 21 samples using the appropriate cell assemblies and rotor. Basic hands-on instrument and software training is provided with the purchase of an ProteomeLab. Includes an-60 Ti 4-hole rotor, 1 assembled cell (flow through centerpiece, quartz windows), counterbalance set, torque stand and an accessory kit that includes a start-up kit.


Platform Analytical
Max Speed 60,000 rpm
Max g-Force 289848 x g
Acceleration 5-400 rpm/second (above 500 rpm), 400 max acceleration
Deceleration 5-400 rpm/second (above 500 rpm), 400 (max deceleration)
Speed Control ±20 rpm of set speed (above 1,000 rpm)
Timed Run 1 to 999 hrs, 59 mins (including hold runs)
Max Capacity Volume Range 0 - 0.4 mL
Software XP Professional
Max Heat Dissipation 1 kW
Speed Display Actual rotor speed in 10 rpm increments (below 1,000 rpm) & 100 rpm increments (above 1,000 rpm)
Temperature Control 0.50 °C of set temperature after equilibration
Time (Actual Display) Real-time run monitoring, time elapsed or time remaining (hold run)
Temperature Range(s) Set temperature range: 0 to 40°C in 1°C increments, Rotor temperature after equilibration: ±0.5°C of set temperature, Displayed rotor temperature after equilibration: ±0.3°C of set temperature
Zonal Capability No
VacuumPump Below 5 microns (0.7 Pa)
Humidity Restrictions < 95% non-condensing
Finish Top surface finish: Urethane paint, Metal surfaces: Acrylic baking enamel , Control panel finish: Coated polycarbonate
Weight 465 kg / 1025.1 lb
Width 94 cm / 37 in
Depth 67.3 cm / 26.5 in
Height 120.7 cm / 47.5 in
Clearances 5.1 cm (sides) & 15.2 cm (rear)
Pollution Degree 2
Max Noise Output < 57 dBa
Power Requirements 200-240 VAC , 50 Hz, 20 A, 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, IBM computer: 100-120 VAC, 60 Hz, or 220-240 VAC, 50 Hz
UNSPSC 41103900


The listed regulatory status for products correspond to one of the below:
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ASR: Analyte Specific Reagents. These reagents are labeled "Analyte Specific Reagents. Analytical and performance characteristics are not established."
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