ASTRIOS EQ Sorter Series

Simplify your most complex sorting tasks with the Astrios EQ Series of high-speed flow cytometry sorters. The Astrios EQ and EQs deliver powerful sorting capability while reducing complexity. 

  • Available with up to 7 spatially separated lasers and 51 parameters
  • Six-way jet-in-air proficiency
  • Dual forward scatter (EQ) and single forward scatter (EQs) models
  • Features [patent] enhanced Forward Scatter (eFSC) technology





  • 7 laser / 7 pinhole configurable system; 355 nm, 405 nm, 488 nm, 532 nm, 560 nm, 592 nm, 645 nm.
  • Single Multi-Laser Shaping Optic (MLSO) for fiber-coupled lasers
  • Flat-Top beam profile on fiber coupled lasers increases beam stability and alignment ease
  • 7 lasers aligned through two alignment stages for quick sorter set up


  • IntelliSort II: Beadless drop delay determination and monitoring
  • 6-way sorting with a variety of collection devices (temperature control for all sort outputs available with water bath option)
  • Reproducibly sort up to 1536-well plates (due to historically 
stable fluidics)
  • Only sorter capable of 70,000 sort decisions/second validated 

Electronics and Software

  • Electronic capability to simultaneously detect 44 parameters

  • > 100,000 events/second acquisition rate validated performance
  • 1 billion events .fcs files with no parameter limit
  • Up to 2 FSC channels including user-selectable FSC masks
  • Optional additional SSC detection off each wavelength greater than or equal to 405 nm


  • Custom Baker SterilGARD BSL2 cabinet
  • Single turnkey aerosol evacuation direct from sorter sort chamber to HEPA enclosure
  • Quick release nozzle design for easy access to nozzle tip
  • CyClone plate arm with wiper seals back of sort chamber


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Product Specifications

Detection Up to 7 spatially separated lasers across 44 parameters acquired simultaneously (51 total available) , Dual Forward Scatter
Resolution Resolves 0.2 μm diameter particles in scatter from background
Drop Dive Frequency Adjustable up to 200kHz kHz
Optics Laser Power 355 nm (100 mW), 405 nm solid state laser (80 mW), 488 nm solid state laser (50 mW), 532 nm (150 mW), 592 nm (200 mW), 642 nm (100 mW)
Flow Cell Jet-in-Air Nozzle: 70 μm, 100 μm
Signal Processing Log, height, area, width & log area for each parameter
Fluidics 70 µm/100 µm Jet-in-Air Nozzle
Regulatory Status RUO
Additional Information Configurable with 355, 405, 488, 532, 561, 592, 640 nm lasers
Item Specifications Referenced B25982

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