Automated Bioreactor Sample Delivery to the Vi-CELL BLU Cell Viability Analyzer

Are you tired of running the risk of contaminating your mammalian cell experiment through frequent manual pipetting? Do you want to lower the risk of human errors while diluting your samples for cell viability testing?

The need for automated bioreactor sampling and sample dilution is being driven by several factors, including increased demand for high-throughput bioprocess development and the progression of high-cell-density cell culture manufacturing processes.

As a result of these factors, industry trends are moving toward the implementation of automated sampling and sample preparation strategies that are designed to bring analytics closer to the operation, eliminate gaps in real-time process monitoring and develop a more rapid, deeper understanding of the bioprocess.

For automated bioreactor sampling and cell analysis to be an effective tool, certain criteria need to be met. The technology should:

  1. Provide rapid and accurate cell analysis that performs as good as, or better than, the manual off-line analytical method.
  2. Reduce analytical variability and sample contamination due to manual sampling and operator-to-operator error.
  3. Facilitate a scale-independent strategy that allows the same analytical instrumentation to be used from the laboratory through production.
  4. Allow the integration of other third-party analyzers, e.g., biochemistry analyzers and HPLC systems, to facilitate a comprehensive PAT platform.
  5. The real-time data generated by the cell analyzer should be seamlessly integrated into the process supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) or bioprocess management system.

A Bioreactor Sampling and Sample Dilution Analysis Solution

The integration of the Seg-Flow S3 automated sampling system with the Vi-CELL BLU cell viability analyzer removes error-prone manual steps while enabling load-and-go sample runs for up to eight bioreactors, GMP compliance with electronic data management, and 24/7 control of viable cell density. It’s also fully compatible with both automated and manual walk-up samples.

The Seg-Flow S3 is the newest generation of automated sampling systems from Flownamics. It enables rapid and accurate sampling for bioreactors or process streams and, when paired with a Sample-Mod S3, can perform in-line dilutions (up to 1:20 ratio) and deliver samples to up to four cell viability analyzers simultaneously.

When integrated with the Vi-CELL BLU cell viability analyzer, you get an automated, precise, repeatable and rapid cell analysis platform for real-time characterization of bioprocess cell cultures.

vi-cell blu flownamics integration

How the Integration Works

The Vi-CELL BLU cell viability analyzer coupled with the Seg-Flow S3 system provides automated, online analytical solutions for improved bioprocess culture monitoring.

The Seg-Flow S3 system, which can be interfaced with almost any vessel type or scale, draws samples from one to eight bioreactor vessels and delivers each sample to the Vi-CELL BLU cell viability analyzer. Once the cell analysis is complete, the Seg-Flow system acquires and processes the Vi-CELL BLU cell viability analyzer data to provide real-time monitoring of bioprocess cultures.



The Seg-Flow S3 pulls continuous and/or scheduled samples from a bioreactor, performs in-line dilution, if needed, and delivers the samples to the Vi-CELL BLU cell viability analyzer. The Vi-CELL BLU provides the analyzed data to the Seg-Flow S3 via the API, which is then sent to the SCADA system. All fluid paths and sample reservoirs are fully cleaned to ensure consistent and accurate measurements for the next sample.

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