MET ONE 3400 Simply Paperless (Paperless PDF Upgrade)

Product No:2089495-01

Save time and money as you eliminate data errors immediately with the 3400 Simply Paperless. Air particle counting data goes directly into a PDF. From there, you can automatically export data directly onto a USB memory stick or upload the file via FTP over Ethernet directly to an FTP server on your network! The 3400 Simply Paperless PDF ensures your data is safe, secure and 21 CFR part-11 compliant. Includes aa Upgrade.

Product Specifications

Platform Documentation & Accessories
Industry Standards 21 CFR Part 11
Environmental Conditions Indoor Environment
Humidity Restrictions 10%-90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Operating System Windows® CE
Software Upgrade for 3400 Series to allow export in secure PDF
Display Color 1/4 VGA TFT touch screen
Weight 0.00|kg(0.00|lb)
Width 0.00|cm(0.00|in)
Depth 0.00|cm(0.00|in)
Height 0.00|cm(0.00|in)
Package Quantity 1

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