Accessing Instructions for Use (IFUs)

  1. Navigate to or use the search bar at the top.
    Searching for an IFU
  2. Click the tab for “Technical Documents.” The results on the page will change.
    Tech Docs tab on search page
  3. Type the part number of your instrument into the search bar and press enter/return.
    Using a part number to search for an IFU
  4. Optional – use the Document Type filter in the left hand toolbar to select only Instrument IFUs. A filter button for Document Type will appear below the tabs.
    Filter for an IFU
  5. Click the IFU result based on the Document Number you seek. The IFU will load in a new tab. Note: The IFU link will expire after a period of time. Saving the document to your local machine is recommended.
    Downloading an IFU
  6. Navigate to the page of the IFU containing decontamination instructions.