HIV Youth Campaigner Wins Prestigious CARES Award

Evah Namakula Receiving CARES Award

The campaigning work of a 27-year-old Ugandan biomedical scientist has won Africa’s first CARES Award, in recognition of her community work with young people and women to dispel the stigma of HIV/AIDs.

Ms Evah Namakula is a global youth ambassador for Reach Out Integrity (ROI) Africa, where she helps to promote health and sexual responsibility to youth people.

The annual CARES Award is designed to recognize ordinary people who have shown ‘care, dedication and commitment’ in their communities as part of the fight against HIV/AIDS. It is sponsored by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences as part of the company’s global CARES Initiative dedicated to helping people who are living with HIV/AIDS.

CARES Award Winner 2018 Evah Namakula


“Evah is an inspirational young woman - exactly the kind of youth leader that President Obama wanted to encourage to develop the Africa of the future.”

The award was presented in Kampala, Uganda, by Mr Samuel (Tony) Boova, the company’s Director Alliance Development, As part of the award, a donation of $5,000 is made in her name by the company. This goes to one of the causes approved by the CARES panel of experts*. Mr Boova said: “Evah is an inspirational young woman - exactly the kind of youth leader that President Obama wanted to encourage to develop the Africa of the future.”

Evah is part of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) set up by President Barak Obama to empower leadership skills in African youth. As a volunteer, she works as a leadership mentor in local communities and schools, helping to develop public speaking skills. Inspired as a child by the determination of her mother and siblings, Evah says: “l had already become a campaigner but it was while l was working in the hospital laboratory that I realised how I could use my medical knowledge to help reduce the myth young people had about HIV/AIDS.”

How to Apply

To apply for the CARES Award 2020 please complete the form to submit your contact details. You can download the application pack, or apply online.


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The Beckman Coulter CARES Award celebrates the vision and endeavor of an individual whose humanitarian work, combined with their own commitment, has significantly improved the lives of local people impacted by AIDS.

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The Beckman Coulter CARES Award recognizes humanitarians whose work, while inspired by personal commitment is of benefit to people living with or impacted by HIV/AIDS.

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