CARES Award Rules and Eligibility

The Award

The Cares Award (“Award”) will consist of a $5000 donation, made in the name of the recipient of the Award, to a charitable organization chosen by the recipient of the Award from a pre-defined list. The Award is designed to recognize individuals who have shown ‘care, dedication and commitment’ in their communities as part of the fight against HIV/AIDS. Nominees should represent humanitarian values reflective of sustainable work over a period of time and will be individuals who are considered within their communities as people who have made a difference helping people.

  1. Eligibility for nomination
    1. Nominees must be individuals who are citizens of and resident in any country that is not subjected to embargo by the United States government.
    2. Nominees may be employees of a charitable organization, laboratory, hospital or civic organization. They may also be individuals who represent a personal mission and whose work is voluntary.
    3. Individuals may not nominate themselves for the Award; self-nominations will be discarded.
    4. Individuals who have previously won an Award will be ineligible for future Awards.
    5. By submitting a nomination, the person who does so represents that he/she has obtained the consent of the nominee to participate in the Award scheme.
    6. Officers, employees, agents and contractors of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences and its affiliated and subsidiary companies, including all Danaher operating companies, as well as their family members, are ineligible both to be nominated and to make nominations.
    7. Members of the Independent Advisory Committee are ineligible both to be nominated and to make nominations.
  2. Nomination process
    1. Nominees may be selected by anyone who is eligible to make a nomination, by using the form provided on
    2. The nomination period will run from January 1st - August 31st (“Closing Date“). Nominations received after the Closing Date will not be considered.
  3. Selection of Award recipient
    1. Award recipients will be selected by an independent advisory committee (“Committee”).
    2. The Committee will, by simple majority vote, select the recipient of the Award from among a shortlist of 3 nominee´s after review of all nominations received by the Closing Date.
    3. In selecting the recipient of the Award, the Committee will consider, in particular, the way in which the recipient represents the values outlined in section A of these Rules.
    4. Selection from among the nominees will not be influenced by race, gender, age, sexual orientation, political or religious affiliation, place of employment, purchase of products or services from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences or its affiliated companies, or any other reason unconnected with the values outlined in section “The Award” of these Rules.
    5. The number of nominations received for a single nominee will not affect the Committee’s decision.
    6. The Committee will, in selecting the Recipient of the Award, follow these Rules.
  4. Conditions of participation; right to withdraw
    1. All nominees will be notified in writing of their nomination for the Award no later than August 31st.
    2. Nominees will have the right to withdraw from the selection process at any time.
    3. Any nominee whose written acceptance of these Rules is not received by August 31s will be deemed to have withdrawn from the selection process.
    4. Acceptance of a nomination indicates that the nominee accepts Beckman Coulter Life Sciences’s right to publicly name the nominee as the Award recipient or as a runner-up, including but not limited to issuing a press release and publishing a related dossier on the Beckman Coulter CARES Award Website.
    5. If a nominee is chosen as the Award recipient, he or she will be required to attend an award ceremony.
  5. Announcement of Award recipient
    1. The 3 shortlisted nominees, including the eventual recipient of the Award, will be notified privately no later than November 21st.
    2. Nominees who have not been shortlisted will not receive any notification.
  6. Miscellaneous
    1. The Award is non-exchangeable and non-transferable and is not redeemable for other prizes.
    2. Beckman Coulter Life Sciences reserves the right to cancel the Award at any time before announcing the recipient of the Award.
    3. The Committee’s decision as to the recipient of the Award is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
    4. Personal details submitted in connection with the Award will be treated with the utmost confidence by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. For further details please refer to our privacy policy at