Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Beckman Coulter CARES Award look for in a nominee?

The Beckman Coulter CARES Award seeks to honour today’s heroes and heroines: Next generation leaders who have a vision for change that will better the world in a meaningful way, and who have created a mechanism for acting on that vision and delivered measurable results. Recipients could distinguish themselves through their work in genetics, the environment, medical education, humanitarian relief, the transformation of public education and human rights.

Does the Award require a nominee to be a Beckman Coulter customer?

No. The core of this award is to celebrate the unique connection between values and humanitarian endeavor.

Can I nominate myself for the Award?

No. All nominations must be presented by a nominating team consisting of a Nominator and a Reference. Through their respective prisms they can present you and your work most effectively against the selection criteria. The Nominator is the point of contact between the Award, the Nominee and the nominating team during the nomination and evaluation process.

Does the Award consider late nominations?

No. All nominations must be received in the Award office no later than 5pm GMT, August 31st. Nominations move forward for consideration together as soon as the nomination process closes. In fairness to the cohort of Award nominees, late nominations will neither be considered nor acknowledged. We encourage Nominators to consider applying next year if they have missed this year’s deadline.

Will our nominations be acknowledged?

Yes. All nominations will be acknowledged in writing, by email to all members of the nominating team, with a copy to the Nominee.

When will we know the outcome?

All nominating teams and nominees will be notified if they have not been successful in the early autumn. The Award recipient will be announced in December.

Will I receive the $5,000 donation directly?

No. The awardee will be recognized as the winner and the donation will be made directly to charity on winner’s behalf.

What charity/ies will be used for the Award donation prize?

A pre-selected list of charitable organizations have been identified that represent key populations and geographic locations within the continent. In the inaugural year the first charity has been pre-selected.

Can we re-nominate our candidate?

Yes. A nominee may be presented once a year. You can request that parts of an old nomination be reactivated. However, in fairness to your nominee, we strongly advise that the Nominator‘s letter and the curriculum vitae be updated to communicate the recent accomplishments of your nominee.

What countries are included for eligibility?

All African nations excluding those countries under US Embargo.


Please see CARES App Form Rules for more information and exclusions.

For answers to additional questions or assistance with your nomination, please contact us by email at