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PROService Remote Management

PROService for Diagnostics 

  • PROService is Beckman Coulter's remote service tool that helps to improve your laboratory system uptime.
  • Your laboratory system can automatically alert us to potential or existing issues.
  • When your system is not working properly, we can troubleshoot and fix it faster.
  • PROService is provided at no additional cost* to you.

How PROService Can Benefit Your Laboratory?

  • Your laboratory system can automatically alert us to any potential or existing issues
  • Remote and proactive monitoring of instrument trends
  • May help reduce and shorten customer-initiated service calls
  • May help resolve instrument issues immediately without the need to wait for a service visit 
  • Faster repair times
  • Help protect instruments from data security and virus threats 
  • May enable additional remote connectivity capabilities such as Metering and Analytics
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