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Portable Air Particle Counters

    • MET ONE 3400

      MET ONE 3400

      The MET ONE 3400 portable air particle counter is designed specifically for ISO14644 cleanroom applications. Organize your routine cleanroom monitoring with embedded location and sample recipe management. The MET ONE 3400 portable air particle counter classification wizard assures compliance during periodic cleanroom certification. Also visit MET ONE 3400 Simply Paperless!

    • MET ONE 3400 Simply Paperless

      MET ONE 3400 Simply Paperless

      Save time, money and eliminate data errors immediately with MET ONE Simply Paperless! Air Particle counting data goes direct to PDF! Automatically exports data direct to a USB memory stick or upload via FTP over Ethernet directly to an FTP server on your network! The MET ONE simply paperless PDF ensures your data is safe, secure and 21 CFR part 11 compliant.

    • MET ONE 3411

      MET ONE 3411

      MET ONE 3411 portable air particle counters are designed specifically for semiconductor cleanroom monitoring, process benchmarking and particle troubleshooting applications. With industry leading ISO 21501 accuracy and reproducibility, the MET ONE 3411 is the cleanest 0.1um portable air particle counter in the market.

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