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    • Academic Research

      For decades, we've supported the evolution of research and development with a wide range of contamination monitoring technologies. We collaborate with research organizations in government, academia and industrial segments to deliver monitoring solutions across a diverse set of application needs.

    • Pharmaceutical

      Size distributions of particulates in pharmaceutical products affect the safety, side effect and efficacy of the products. Particle characterization is a critical component in every stage of R&D, preclinical and clinical trial of many pharmaceutical products and is widely used in Process Analytical Technology (PAT). Size distribution analysis, impurity and aggregation counting and particle surface charge analysis are used in characterizing drug carriers such as liposome and nanoparticles, parenterals, oral suspensions, vaccines, dermatological products, tablet production, and etc. Laser diffraction and dynamic light scattering for particle sizing, electrophoretic light scattering for particle surface charge analysis and the Coulter principle for cell and particle counting and cell dynamic change are some of the popular and non-invasive particle characterization techniques.

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