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Nucleic Acid Sample Prep

We offer a growing portfolio of nucleic acid sample prep reagent kits based on Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) – a patented, high performance technology using paramagnetic beads to immobilize nucleic acids by type and size.

  • AMPure XP

    AMPure XP, our flagship reagent kit, is a highly efficient, easily automated PCR purification system that delivers superior quality DNA with no salt carryover.
  • FormaPure DNA

    We are excited to introduce our newest reagent kit. FormaPure DNA is a high-quality, scalable and automation-ready FFPR isolation kit that provides beyond-fit-for purpose flexibility to meet changing research needs.
  • ThruPLEX Plasma-seq

    Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is a North American distributor of ThruPLEX® Plasma-seq. The kit is powered by Rubicon Genomics ThruPLEX chemistry to generate high performance NGS libraries from cell-free DNA isolated from plasma.
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