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Liquid Handlers

Liquid Handlers

    • Biomek i-Series Automated Workstations

      Biomek i-Series Automated Workstations

      Designed for your evolving workflow priorities

      Representing the best of what made Biomek an industry leading liquid handler—combined with enhancements suggested by customers around the globe—the Biomek i5 and i7 Automated Workstations have been designed to optimize dependability and walk-away time in mid- to high-throughput labs.

    • Biomek 4000 Automated Workstation

      Biomek 4000 Automated Workstation

      Your gateway from manual to automated pipetting.

      The Biomek 4000 is a low-throughput liquid handling system ideal for smaller laboratories and/or those new to automation. Its compact platform helps standardize your daily pipetting routines, helping to ensure quality samples and results. By providing consistent sample preparation, the Biomek 4000 gives you time and peace of mind to focus on other tasks.

    • Biomek NXᴾ Lab Automation Workstation

      Biomek NXᴾ Lab Automation Workstation

      Bringing power and flexibility down to size.

      The compact and cost effective Biomek NXP is available with two pipetting models – Multi-channel (96 or 384) or Span 8. Both configurations combine the benefits of a small footprint with the increased efficiency and flexibility of a medium to high throughput instrument. Open-ended flexibility enables integration capability based on your workflow needs.

    • Biomek FXᴾ Lab Automation Workstation

      Biomek FXᴾ Lab Automation Workstation

      Flexibility for your high throughput workflow

      Biomek FXP provides the speed and performance critical to today’s research environments. The flexible platform is available in single and dual pipetting head models combining multi-channel (96 or 384) and Span 8 pipetting. Ideal for high throughput workflows, Biomek FXP accelerates laboratory processing, and is easy to update or integrate as your research needs evolve.

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